Chevelle Noir Munk Chevelle Noir Munk - Lillian Hood

Chevelle Noir at seven years of age has already had four years of dance, and two years of gymnastics. At the age of four, she was helping her mother lead a yoga class multiple times per week. She has graced a book cover, been in a high profile fashion show in San Antonio, Texas, has studied acting with KidsActing of Austin, Texas. She enjoys art, film making and fashion design.
Sara Miller Sara Snyder - Erica Hood

Sara graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Dance as an acting major. She has nearly twenty credits to her name, in both film and theatre. Sara has been working as a drama teacher at Just Imagine, a theatre program for elementary school kids.
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Nguyen Stanton Nguyen Stanton - Kim Nguyen

Nguyen is an Austin based actor who has played several roles that required fight choreography and martial arts on stage and in film.
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Emma Rose Gill Emma Rose Gill - Mary

Emma Rose Gill is an up and coming triple threat as she enjoys acting, singing, and modeling. At only 10 years old, she has amassed a resume most adults would be envious of! When not performing she has many hobbies including writing, drawing, learning, practicing guitar, climbing trees, and she devours multiple books daily. She aspires to be a speech therapist when she grows up, and in the near future she wants to participate in Austin Fashion Week as a model.
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Ian Gill Ian Gill - Carter

Ian Gill is a 5 year old homeschooled Kindergartener. He has been a part of a handful of projects but The Littlest Cthulhuist is his first film with scripted lines. Ian is an extremely playful little boy who loves making people laugh, usually by making one of his many funny faces. Ian wants to be a cop when he grows up...or Batman
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Kyle Gill Kyle Gill - Doug

Kyle Gill is homeschooled 2nd grader who might be considered a reluctant actor. He just enjoys being with his family so he participates, but when asked to do a project he gives it his all and takes direction extremely well. His favorite projects are the ones where he gets paid or fed well, usually pizza will make him extremely cooperative haha. Kyle wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and he's off to a good start, Science is his favorite subject and the Planetarium is his favorite place to go. All of his spare time goes to creating and building things out of Legos. In the not too distant future Kyle wants to compile a video of his hand drawn characters along with original voices of his.
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Shriya Kota Shriya Kota - Shriya

Shriya is in 3rd grade and this is her first debut appearance in the theatre production. She likes art, making jewelry, swimming, reading, playing wii games. In addition to that she takes voice/instrument, dance, martial arts classes.
Robert W. Dominguez Robert W. Dominguez - Alex

Robert, known as Bobby to his family and friends, is 10 years old. He did Spanish immersion classes in Elementary School until the fifth grade when he started online school. He also played soccer for 6 years and would dance on the soccer field. He started ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and tumbling classes with Kathy Marfin's Dance School in San Antonio. In 2014, he was invited to join their Community Performance Dance Group. He started doing acting in 2014. He continues to build his dream of becoming a professional actor and dancer. When he is not dancing or acting, he loves to swim and play video games.
Aiden Seager Aiden Seager - Fadil

Aiden Seager is 6 years old, and in Kindergarten. He is an Army brat from Fort Hood, Texas. He decided he wanted to be an actor after he saw a video of one of his grandpas theater shows. He has already completed several short films as well as a few commercials in his short time acting.
Dayzee Rae Tovar Dayzee Rae Tovar - Student

Dayzee Rae is a 7 year old model, singer, and actress. Dayzee is taking voice and piano at Pink Couch Studios, is a professional screamer, and will be gracing the runway April 2015 in Kids Fashion Parade - Houston.
Jordan Frisbie Jordan Frisbie - Student

Jordan Frisbie is an 8 year old girl who loves being with her friends and watching TV. It is all new to her to actually be an actress in a film and see how it all works. She enjoyed her time working though and may return for more. Jordan loves to read and has dreams of being either a dancer or a veterinarian when she grows up.
Meagan R.Dominguez Meagan R. Dominguez - Student

Meagan R. Dominguez is 4 years old. She started playing soccer at age 2 and then started dance at age 3. She loves dancing, singing, socializing, animals and getting her nails done
Anne Gentry Anne Gentry - Anne Sill

Anne was raised in Houston, TX. At Lamar Sr. High School, she participated in the Drama Department which fostered talents such as Robert Foxworth, Tommy Tune and Jaclyn Smith. At Northwestern University School of Speech, Anne studied theatrical acting . She became a Chicago model/actress represented by Shirley Hamilton. She appeared in commercials, plays, films, and dance companies in the South, Southwest, West and Midwest. She currently works exclusively on film, print and in commercials.
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Woody Wilson Hall Woody Wilson Hall - Principal

Woody Hall is an Austin based actor and voice over specialist who has worked as an actor, voice actor, stand-in, and extra in movies, television shows, commercials, and music videos shot in the central Texas area.
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Melinda Sue Taylor Melinda Sue Taylor - Ms. Blanton

Melinda moved to Austin in early 2011. She took her first film acting course later that year as a means of creative self-expression and an opportunity to meet people, never thinking she would love acting or become a professional actor. It was on the set of Machete Kills in 2012 where she was working as a background actor that the acting bug bit and she’s been continuing her training and adding roles to her resume ever since. Melinda recently played Carol Dougherty in Crimin”AL”, and a nun in Six Pack Sam. She also played God in The Secret Place, written and directed by Wendy Bird Womack and Eve (Elder) in The Sconce, written and directed by Mario de la Garza.
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Raylene Gill Raylene Gill- Patricia

Raylene Gill is a mom of 4 wonderful kids. She had fun acting all throughout her school years and is just now getting back into it. She was a mechanic in the US Army and now supports her husbands military career.
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Layla Beth Munk Layla Beth Munk - Lucy

A performer from age six, Layla Beth is a noted dancer, model, actress and writer. She is best known in the Burlesque community as “Lady Layla” and works extensively as a tattooed alt and glamour model. She enjoys shoe shopping and spending time with her husband and children. Her official website is
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Billiona Reyes Billiona Reyes - Cherise

Billionna Reyes is a Chamorru-American actress who was born and raised in the beautiful island of Guam. She is the daughter of Donna Meno and William James. She went to high school at Southern High, home of the dolphins. She holds an Associates Degree in Paralegal and Legal studies. She is married to her husband, Joedee Reyes. She currently lives in Austin, Texas. She is veteran of the U.S. Army.
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Mary Ann Elekes Mary Ann Elekes- Victoria

Mary Ann started acting in plays during high school. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in G.I.S. and a minor in Art and from Clemson University with a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. She divides her time working as a Transportation Planner, Air Quality Consultant, and Actor. In 2014, she appeared in over 20 films, television shows, web series, and commercials shot in the Austin area.
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Carlton Caudle Carlton Caudle - Parent

Carlton Caudle was born on September 12, 1967 in Austin, Texas, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Billy and the Bandit, Results and The Perfect Stranger.
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Meena Kota Meena Kota - Parent

Meena Kota is Shriya Kota's mom and was kind enough to be an extra in the film.
Kimberlie Seager Kimberlie Seager - Parent

Kimberlie Seager is Aiden Seager's mom and was kind enough to be an extra in the film.
Mike Malcolm Mike Malcolm - Parent

Mike Malcolm is a Texas based actor.
Armand Daigle Armand Daigle - Parent

Armand Daigle is an ex-engineer, author, film development producer, and budding actor. He has written two short films, a feature, and has been an extra in short and feature films, commercials, and music videos in and around the Austin area.
Rahul Chakraborty Rahul Chakraborty - Parent

Rahul is trained at Larry Moss’s Master Class, LA, at The State Theater, Austin, and also at The Next Actor’s Studio, Houston. He continues his training under coach Paula Russell, Austin. Primarily from the theater background, Rahul has extensively performed in Indiana and in Texas showcasing social issues pertaining to south-east Asian life. Recently, he started a theater company, M.I.S.T (Masks, Issues & Stages Traversed) in Houston. Rahul is an Associate Professor at Texas State University.
Jaclyn Stevens Jaclyn Stevens - Parent

aclyn Stevens is an actress, known for A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale . She does do improv and shorts with a group here in Austin. Her acting bug started when she was in middle school and wrote her first play for the entire middle school.
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Steven King Steven King - Evan Sill

Steven King started acting in Connecticut in high school. He has since starred in numerous stage, TV and film projects and appeared an onset in various network and syndicated TV productions as well as the Mia Tyler vehicle, A Little Bit of Lipstick. His independent film credits include starring in an award-winning local comedy series in Connecticut, Tonight at 11:30, co-hosting a similarly well-known movie review show Now Showing and starring in the popular but outrageous YouTube piece, Zombie Dog. He has been in a few Austin Community College student short films including Boom and Cthulhu's Witnesses. Currently,he can be seen in the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival movie Jackrabbit.
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Carrie Stephens Carrie Stephens - Catherine Sill

Carrie is an actress and singer based in Austin, Texas. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has been active in theatre since childhood; she began her film career in 2011 with Chris Olson's short One Every Minute. While Carrie's experience and training includes stage and production management, her passion has always been for performance. In addition to acting, Carrie is a trained mezzo-soprano; she was recently the lead singer for the rock band Donkey Island, and is currently working on a new project as half of the band Caravan, as well as featured vocals for other musicians.
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Aslan Hollier Aslan Hollier - Paul Bragg

Aslan was born in Orange, TX. Throughout his childhood he was active in many activities such as Football, Band, UIL Prose and Poetry, and One-Act Play. Also, in his high school days he toured two summers with SALTeens, and went to Theatre camp in Nacogdoches, TX at Stephen F. Austin University. After graduating from Orangefield High School in 2004, he then began pursing Performance Theatre and Creative Writing at S.F.A. in Nacogdoches. Upon receiving his B.A. in 2008, he performed in thirteen plays and six short films, and one short play he wrote was chosen as a production. He moved to Austin, TX that same year, and became a certified chef by 2009. Now, along with getting occasional acting gigs, Aslan volunteers hosting a screen-writing workshop called Wordsmiths as part of the Austin Film Meet, works as a freelance caterer, manages a kitchen, and directs children in staged plays during the summer in Austin and surrounding areas. He intends on expanding all areas expertise.
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Russell Kliebert Russell Kliebert - Lance Leavenworth

Russell graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors degree in English with a minor in theater. He has been in Austin for a little over a year in that time has been in a number of Austin Community College student short films including Study Troubles, Boom and Cthulhu's Witnesses.
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Susan Hradsky Susan Hradsky - Person on the Street

Susan Hradsky is a Texas based actor.
Danielle Johnson Danielle Johnson - Person on the Street

Danielle Denise Johnson is a New Orleans native who started acting in Texas. She worked as an extra in movies filmed in the San Antonio and Austin areas. She also have been featured and local independent films and did local commercials for the Spurs
Bret Munk Bret Munk - Person on the Street

Bret is a performance musician, talent scout, body guard, extreme sports athlete turned ACSM personal trainer and life coach.
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Ron Hellberg Ron Hellberg - Person on the Street

Ron started pursuing his acting career after recently completing a 28 year career in the U.S. Coast Guard. During his time with the Coast Guard he served as a search & rescue, maritime law enforcement, aids to navigation, and boat/ship handling professional; as well as served as an instructor in his areas of expertise, a Master of Ceremonies for a variety of formal military events, and assisted in the production of and performed in military training films. Ron currently holds a merchant marine captains license, & enjoys outdoor sportsman recreational hobbies of boating, fishing, hiking, and cycling.
Wesley Frank Wesley Frank - Person on the Street

Wesley Frank is a student in Austin Community College's Radio, Television and Film Program.
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Jennifer Fielding Jennifer Fielding - Cthulhu's Witness

Jennifer Fielding has worked on both stage and screen in such productions as Rose for the Devil (Harley Quinn), Amnesia (Lobotomy Reject), Zombocalype the Musical (Jenny/Corpse) Cymbaline (Philrio) and Sherwood Forest Faire (Gabriel, a pirate).
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Weston Hughes Weston Hughes - Cthulhu's Witness

Weston Hughes is a aspiring actor and voice-actor based out of San Antonio, Texas.
Robert T. McDorman Robert T. McDorman - Cthulhu's Witness

Robert is an actor, producer, and cinematographer for the film production company Feast or Famine Films located in Austin, TX. Military, slapstick comedy, and science fiction are his favorite genres of film. Robert is also the founder of the acting community group Central TX Actors Group which offers support and networking for actors of all levels and experience.
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David C. Wells David C. Wells - Cthulhu's Witness

David C. Wells is an Austin actor and writer who occasionally dabbles in filmmaking and assorted geekery. He spent nine years working as a lawyer before discovering his true calling. He does improv with Merlin Works and The Institution Theater, and has performed in theatrical productions by Lucky Chaos Theater. David is also an actor and producer with EPIC Dungeon Master. He loves dogs, while he and cats have a mutual respect.
Larry Boozer Larry Boozer - Cthulhu's Witness

Larry Boozer is a Texas based actor.
Christopher Harris Christopher Harris - Cthulhu's Witness

Christopher Harris is a Texas based actor.
John Hidalgo John Hidalgo - Voice of Cthalamet

John Hidalgo is a graduate of Austin Community College's Radio, Television and Film Department and has been making short films for the last four years. His recent films include Ariel and Cthulhu's Witnesses which was accepted into and shown at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2013. He graduated from Houston Community College with a degree in Acting as a Profession. He is also the founder of Rōnin Creative Media.
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